Feb. 22, 2012

Immigrant Worker News Roundup—Feb. 22, 2012

*Supreme Court rejects Redondo Beach’s petition for certiorari in appeal of day laborer anti-solicitation law. [Los Angeles Times

*Hershey’s Packer Is Fined Over Its Safety Violations after investigation prompted by student guestworkers. [New York Times]

*National Gathering in LA Spotlights Plight of Day Laborers. [Los Angeles Times]

*Union Forges New Alliance With Carwash Workers. "This should be the headline: Carwash workers make history in L.A., and the labor movement and Los Angeles community stand shoulder to shoulder with them," said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. [Los Angeles Times]

*Federal judge strikes down Fremont, Nebraska’s ordinance that would deny housing to undocumented immigrants, but upholds requirement that employers utilize E-Verify in hiring workers. [Los Angeles Times]; [New York Times]

*Iowa State House Committee Approves State E-Verify Requirement. [Iowa Times]

*On Hostile Ground, America’s Guestworkers Seek Justice. [In These Times]

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