Jun. 27, 2012

After DREAM Order, Fair Pay for Home Care Workers

New America Media has published an op ed by NELP Staff Attorney Eunice Cho in celebration of the 74th Anniversary of the Fair Labor Standards Act:

Earlier this month, immigrant communities around the country celebrated President Obama’s announcement that undocumented immigrant youth would be granted relief from deportation and temporary work authorization.

The new policy, however, reaches only a fraction of the nation’s estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants, many of whom are left to live and work in the shadows. The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that approximately 8 million unauthorized immigrants participated in the workforce in 2010 — around 5.2 perecent of the workforce. These workers tend to work in traditionally low-wage but high growth occupations such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and service industries, where workers face the greatest risk of exploitation.

As we celebrate the 74th anniversary of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which was passed in 1938 this week, we should recommit to ensuring that the most vulnerable workers — regardless of their national origin or immigration status — have protection from unscrupulous employers. Especially with decisions coming down like United States v. Arizona, which widens the door for racial profiling by local law enforcement, laws like FLSA become all the more important.

To continue reading, visit New American Media.

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Jun. 14, 2012 | Posted by: Eunice Cho

Immigrant Worker News Updates, June 14, 2012

“No Justice, No Piece”: Pizza Company Accused of Targeting Immigrant Strikers, Threatening Reverification [InTheseTimes]

Home Care Workers Can’t Wait [Sacramento Bee

Central California Growers Struggle With Farmworker Shortage [Newobserver.com

CA Department of Industrial Relations Partners with Watsonville Law Center to Provide Medical Services to Low-Wage Workers with Job Injuries [MarketWatch

Employers in South Say That AZ-Style Immigration Laws Threaten Their Industries [Journal.us

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Jun. 13, 2012

Oppose efforts to block DOL funds on homecare minimum wage and guestworker rules - call your Senator

As incredible as it sounds, some Senators want to block funds from the Department of Labor to stop enforcement of critical worker-protective rules:  first, a rule to ensure that home health care workers get paid minimum wage and overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours a week; and second, a rule to ensure that U.S. workers are recruited for seasonal jobs at decent wages in the H-2B guestworker program, and that temporary guestworkers are not subject to human rights and labor abuses. 

Tomorrow the Senate Appropriations Committee will meet. They need to hear from you now.

Homecare workers:  Unbelievable! A few Senators want to deny workers who care for our parents, grandparents and sick relatives the protection of a $7.25 per hour minimum wage.  Tell your Senators to oppose any amendment to delay or block rules to provide home care workers with basic wage and hour protections.   As Americans grow older we need a stronger home care workforce to make sure that our loved ones are well cared for.  We need to be fair to those who care.

H-2B program:  Unconscionable! Senators want to deny unemployed U.S. workers a fair opportunity to obtain jobs at decent wages before an employer is allowed to import temporary foreign guest workers and guarantee that the wages and working conditions of employed U.S. workers are not undercut by the employment of guest workers at less than the prevailing wage.  Further, they would erase new reforms intended to ensure that guestworkers are not subjected to severe forms of labor abuse, including trafficking.  Tell your Senators to oppose any amendment to deny funding to enforce these crucial guestworker rules.

CALL YOUR SENATOR TODAY:  The Senate switchboard will connect you with the Senators from your state - simply call 877-736-1983.  You can also call Majority Staff (Sen. Inouye D-HI) at 202-224-7363 and Minority Staff (Sen. Cochran R-MS) at 202-224-7257, to register your opinion. 

Tell your senator to oppose any amendment that would block or delay the DOL rules on minimum wage and overtime for home care workers and would deny funding to enforce DOL guestworker rules. 

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Apr. 23, 2012

Immigrant Worker News Update, April 23, 2012

U.S. News and World Report Covers Constitutionality of Arizona's SB 1070 [USNWR]

Domestic Workers Set To Rally For Stronger Enforcement of NY Domestic Workers Bill of Rights [NY Daily News]

How Mississippi's Black/Brown Alliance Beat the South's Anti-Immigrant Strategy [Indypendent]

Georgia Again Tries to Replace Immigrant Workers with Inmates [ThinkProgress]

Chamber of Commerce Sues Department of Labor over Guestworker Rule Change [International Business Times

Agricultural Labor Relations Board Fights to Reinstate Watsonville Farmworker [Monterey Herald]

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Apr. 13, 2012

Immigrant Worker News Updates—April 13, 2012

Can Caring Across Generations Change the World? [The Nation]  

Undocumented Workers Have “Negligible Impact” on Wages [Huffington Post]

Opponents Dominate Alabama’s HB 56 Hearings; Call for Immigration Law Repeal [Montgomery Advertiser]

Toxic Products in California Nail Salons Under Renewed Scrutiny [Los Angeles Times]

Proposal Mandates Use of E-Verify in Missouri [News-Leader

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